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Shannon Willow is an ECO-strategist developing customized sustainability plans to assist families in greening their hearts and homes.

Shannon Willow is an ECO-strategist helping people green their hearts and homes. She helps you move from overwhelm to clarity, from intimidation to accessibility on your journey to low-waste living. She defines a step-by-step process of inspired actions to improve the NOW and future conditions of self and our living planet.

Shannon's mission is connecting people with nature. With more than 16 years of facilitation and team building experiences with music and art, she is an expert community builder and facilitator. After training with The Climate Reality Project, she is turning focus towards building a team of ECO-conscious consumers through her ECOsoulcare work. Shannon's zealous approach to raise awareness about the Earth, sustainability and our deep interconnectedness is showcased in all of her creative offerings. Mother Earth and all living things are her muse.

As a lifelong learner, organic gardener, and daily steward of Mother Earth, Shannon works closely with YOU to create a more sustainable and less toxic environment, all while offsetting your carbon footprint and practicing self-care. Shannon’s work weaves together creative perspectives, ECO-spirituality, and ritualistic experiences. Navigating conversations followed by actions to foster change, positivity, courage, healing, and love within you. Shannon’s philosophy holds you accountable as a consumer. She has a deep understanding of creativity, diversity, inclusion, and a well-spring of ideas about reducing the impact on our living planet. All while practicing self-care first.


Part of her philosophy is based on the deep connection to the 5 elements, sacred reciprocity and the idea that we are taking from the planet, yet what are we giving back in return? By tuning into the natural world around you, you become more sensitive to the fact that we are not separate from nature and we need Her. Discover what is best for you by tuning into a deeper you.


Many are challenged by the overwhelm. Shannon believes that one step at a time, one choice at a time, we can have an incredible impact on creating a more sustainable life in every aspect. The children are counting on our thoughts, words, and actions to create a cleaner, more sustainable future.


There is no separation between you and nature. Shannon’s Earth awareness and love affair with our natural world continues to influence her lifestyle. ECOsoulcare is here to empower and amplify your voices, choices, and the way forward to instill action for future generations. 


Trust the process and allow Shannon to guide your journey of slowing down, tuning in and normalizing loving yourself through your connection with our living planet. Together we are changing the planet one step at a time. Will you be part of the solution revolution?




Training and partnerships include: 

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine - In training at Pampamesayok School with the Four Winds Society

  • Climate Leadership Training - The Climate Reality Project

  • Community Transformation Course 

  • Loving Relationship Training

  • Partner with Charter for Compassion/Compassionate ATL

  • Partner with Kindred Lane and Wisdom of the Forest

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