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Shannon Willow is a shamanic energy medicine practitioner here to transform the inner and outer ecology of our global community

Shannon Willow is an intuitive artist, trained shamanic practitioner and energy evolution strategist. Inner and outer ecology play a vital role in the collective health of mind, body, spirit connection. Shannon's deep interconnectedness practice with self and nature is showcased in all of her creative offerings. 

As a 35-year career artist, Shannon’s innate wisdom in shamanism is rooted in her intimate love affair with nature, steeped deeply in an Earth Keeper mindset.  As a nuero-shaman, full Mesa carrier, healer, painter, teacher, musician, muralist, indigenous ally, community-builder, clairsentient, organic gardener, spiritual life coach and dog mom, Shannon co-creates customized energy experiences that transforms Life.

Daily stewardship of Mother Earth practices and lifelong learning is a primary tool in her energy work. Creating more harmony within you and your relationship to nature is key in moving us all into balance and service for a more sustainable world. Standing in for the ancient sages of the past, Shannon supports you in nurturing your sacred dream through the quantum field.

Shannon's work weaves together energy medicine, ECO-spirituality, ancient rituals, music, journeying and co-created experiences to reconnect and rediscover you. Liberate THYSELF into love, self-expression and your own heightened energetic frequency through Shannon's support.. Tune into an untapped version of self by releasing old trauma and limiting beliefs, as your baseline becomes gratitude, joyful self-awareness and curiosity on this healing journey with Shannon Willow. 

There is no separation between you and nature. Shannon's potent and intuitive healing energy uplifts your spirit into a transformational journey and expanding love affair with self, and our natural world. Together, we return to reverence, humility, and sacred reciprocal healing of our collective.. 

ECOsoulcare is here to empower and amplify your voice, your sustainable choice, and the way forward for you and future generations. Invite Shannon to guide your elevated journey of slowing down, tuning in and normalizing loving yourself through your connection with our living planet. Together we are changing the planet one step, one breathe at a time. We are all connected, A’ho.

YES! I want to be part of the solution!

Primary training and partnerships include: 

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine - Graduate of Pampamesayok(Earth Keeper) Shaman School affiliated with the Four Winds Society

  • Climate Leadership Training - The Climate Reality Project

  • Certified Community Transformation Course 

  • Certified Loving Relationship Training

  • Partner with Charter for Compassion/Compassionate ATL

  • Partner with Kindred Lane and Wisdom of the Forest

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