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Release & Rekindle Circle 

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Join this sacred circle to feel it, heal it & let “sh!t” go! 

This is a day of rituals & community support to shed the old, allowing room for the new to enter our lives. Together we burn away what no longer serves us & create a safe space to “Be.”

In this day retreat, Mama Gaia lightens our hearts & minds into joy, connection & celebration. Let's gather the power of our collective divine feminine to rejoice in the beauty of life & create lasting fellowship through our love, laughter, & music.

Spring Dates 2023

11 am - 3pm 

March 19 (sold out)

April 16 - Ayni Despacho 11:30-1:30
May 21 (Women only)

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As a Tribe Member, you activate...

  • Discover Earth-honoring practices

  • Customized connection experiences

  • Re-Wild your heart & have FUN!!

  • Immersion into Fire, Water, Air & Earth

  • Explore the intentional ECOwarrior within

  • Musical Activations

  • Authentic love offerings and prayers

Fall Dates 2023

11 am - 3pm 

September 17 
October 22 

Only 11 spots available in this intimate circle. Join like-minded people seeking and tapping into their
sacred connection with oneself, the community, and Mama Earth. Relax, we got you!


  • Musical meditation

  • Release & Restore

  • Rekindle & Realign 

  • Awaken


  • Flow

  • Responsibility

  • Reciprocity

  • Purification 


  • Breathe & Be

  • Presence

  • Vitality

  • Remembering


  • Reconnect

  • Relationship

  • Intuition

  • Earth Embodiment 

What To Bring

  • JournalWater bottle, sacred stones & comfortable clothes. Please bring an organic, mindful dish to share.

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