Release & Rekindle Women's Circle 

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Join this women’s sacred circle to let “sh!t” go! 

This is a day of rituals and community support to shed the old, allowing room for the new to enter our lives.

Together we burn away what no longer serves us. We allow the body to be cleansed with a healing water ceremony and create a safe space to “Be.”

In this day retreat, Mama Gaia lightens our hearts & minds into joy, connection & celebration. Let's gather the power of our collective divine feminine to rejoice in the beauty of life & create lasting fellowship through our love, laughter, & tears.

Fall Dates 2022

10 am - 3pm 

September 11 (Sold out)

October 9

November 13

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As a Tribe Member, you activate...

  • Earth-honoring practices

  • Customized connection experiences

  • Re-Wild your heart and have FUN!!

  • Immersion into Fire, Water, Air and Earth

  • Explore the intentional ECOwarrior within

  • Musical meditations,

  • Authentic love offerings and prayers

Only 13 spots avalible in this intimate circle. Join like-minded women seeking and tapping into their
sacred connection with oneself, the community, and Mama Earth. Relax, we got you!



  • Musical meditation

  • Release & Restore

  • Rekindle & Realign 

  • Awaken



  • Flow

  • Responsibility

  • Reciprocity

  • Purification 

(Organic lunch 12:15)



  • Breathe & Be

  • Presence

  • Vitality

  • Remembering



  • Reconnect

  • Relationship

  • Intuition

  • Earth Dance 

( Drum Closing 2:45)​

What To Bring

  • JournalWater Bottle, Sacred StonesComfortable Clothes