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"I attended Shannon's "Release & Rekindle" and found myself held in the presence, care, wisdom of the Earth Mother herself! Shannon's energy and insight effortlessly guides humans to a place of deep reverence; where we may simultaneously remember our connection to Self, Source and Planet. The ceremonial rituals Shannon suggests afford simple

and effective ways to incorporate prayer and practice into moment-to-moment life, as well as pave the way to "greening" our day-to-day earthly existence. If you are ready to reconnect to community, ecology, women -- this ever-changing present moment -- I highly recommend Shannon's ceremonial

circles and workshops."

 - Becky Shanks, Hypnotherapist at Presents of Mind


“Shannon's Release and Rekindle circle was a day very well spent! I felt a  reconnection to myself, Mama Earth, and my place within it. Thanks, Shannon!”

 - Kate R. - 


“The work that Shannon facilitates is a COMING HOME”


"The entire experience was so sacred and balanced. Shannon held humble space for us all as we deepened our relationship with ourselves, Mama Earth & the elements.”

 - Dale U. - 

 - Natalie c. - 

"Shannon Willow is a creative, curious adventurer who brings her community along with her as she explores the natural world. She is truly a steward of the earth, helping to educate and inspire a diverse community of humans to love and care for the earth and all its creatures. Shannon is able to create and guide people through experiences that will touch their hearts and open them to the possibilities of what Mother Earth has in store for us!"

 - Elaine Dinos, Founder of Kindred Lane

Customized Sustainability Practices. Invest in yourself. Invest in our living planet.

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