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Wisdom Owl by Shannon Willow Art

Owl Bundle

- Sustainability Stronghold -

The Owl has keen senses and practices using those senses to find abundance. She also tunes in and becomes fully aware of her surroundings, so that she hones her abilities. Activate your intuition and independent thinking, and develop powerful abilities to explore what exists ~ inside and out.

Need to get a grip on your carbon footprint and low-waste living? Work closely with Shannon to determine your needs and choose one priority zone in your home to practically focus on (e.g. the kitchen), and one priority practice for you to take away to reshape your relationship with Mother Earth (e.g. new daily rituals).

The Owl Bundle includes one heart intervention and one home intervention so that you can create more loving self-care, a less toxic home environment and more responsibility as a steward of Mother Earth. As a bonus you receive a carefully curated list of ECO and socially responsible companies.

Investment starting at $777



- Dive Deep -

The Hummingbird has the innate ability to be still even when she is flapping her wings, She always returns to the sweetness of life. Together we can discover your sweeter life so that you become more connected to spirit and more attuned to our living planet.

Deep dive into the nectar of a sweeter connection to the self and our living planet. 3 months of bespoke consulting, an intimate journey where Shannon guides you in all aspects of life towards a more loving relationship with self and Mother Earth. This is a customized, curated experience designed specifically for you to reconnect so that you can create a more sustainable you.

The Hummingbird Bundle explores your expanding relationship to the healer and sage within you in relation to our natural world. In this self-exploration journey, Willow supports you and holds you accountable for shifting your narrative within and awakens you to intentional self-care practices, both of self and our living planet. Normalizing ECO-habits and lifestyle choices that support a sustainable future for you, your family and the planet. Nourish yourself, your families and the planet with better-for-you products, all while we normalize slowing down and practicing self-care through connecting with our natural world inside your home and out-of-doors.

Investment starting at $2888


Release & Rekindle

Where Healers, Heal.

- Join The Women's Circle -

Fall Dates 2022

September 11, 10am - 3pm

October 9, 10am - 3pm

November 6, 10am - 3pm


Energy Clearings

Shannon offers energy clearing sessions for your home, office, warehouses, corporate spaces and land blessings. Using sage, herbs and instruments, Willow transmutes negative energy, leaving your space

feeling light, fresh and clean; old energy is cleared creating room for more abundance and clarity.

Starting at $222


host an event

Gather your people and book an experience at your event!

  • Host a Release & Rekindle Women's Circle

  • Corporate Events 

  • ECO Presentations

Starting at $555


Invest in yourself. Invest in our living planet