Hummingbird Bundle

- Dive Deep -


Deep dive into the nectar of a sweeter connection to the self and our living planet. 3 months of bespoke consulting, an intimate journey where Willow guides you in all aspects of life towards a more loving relationship with self and Mother Earth. This is customized, curated experiences designed specifically for you to reconnect so that you can create a more sustainable you. The Hummingbird Bundle explores your expanding relationship to the healer and sage within you in relation to our natural world. In this self-exploration journey, Willow supports you and holds you accountable for shifting your narrative within and awakens you to intentional self-care practices, both of self and our living planet. Normalizing ECO-habits and lifestyle choices that support a sustainable future for you, your family and the planet. Nourish yourself, your families and the planet with better-for-you products, all while we normalize slowing down and practicing self-care through connecting with our natural world inside your home and out-of-doors. The Hummingbird has the innate ability to be still even when she is flapping her wings, She always returns to the sweetness of life. Together we can discover your sweeter life so that you become more connected to spirit and more attuned to our living planet. The Hummingbird Bundle is a 3 month experience. Starting at $2888. Start today by booking a Navigation Call to connect with Shannon and begin planning your Hummingbird Bundle Experience! Navigation Calls are $75 for the hour. The Navigation Call cost will be applied to your custom Hummingbird Bundle investment.

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